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Blogging with guest Andrew Lock

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This is episode 75 on blogging with guest Andrew Lock.

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Hi and welcome back to Weekly Dev Tips. I'm your host Steve Smith, aka Ardalis.


This is episode 75. Sorry about the break in new content - this past year's been rough.


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# Blogging


This week I'm pleased to have Andrew Lock as my guest. Andrew is a developer, Microsoft MVP, and author of the book ASP.NET Core in Action. He blogs regularly about ASP.NET Core and related topics. Welcome, Andrew! Please take it away and tell us about your experience with blogging.

Andrew's thoughts on blogging.

You're welcome! Those are a lot of the same reasons why I've been blogging all these years. Great stuff

If you're a .NET dev, you should check out Andrew's blog. He frequently has great content there, I've found. Also, if you're interested in Andrew's book, ASP.NET Core in Action, he and his publisher Manning have given listeners of Weekly Dev Tips a 40% discount. You can use the code **poddevtips19** which you'll find written out on this episode's show notes page on weeklydevtips.com.