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Customize Key Mappings in Visual Studio with Kendra Havens

Episode Summary

Kendra Havens of Microsoft shares her favorite tip for mapping a common activity to a custom keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio.

Episode Notes

Hi and welcome back to Weekly Dev Tips. I’m your host Steve Smith, aka Ardalis.

This is episode 54, on customizing key bindings in Visual Studio with guest Kendra Havens.

Customize Key Mappings with Kendra Havens

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Show Notes / Transcript

This week's guest tip is from Kendra Havens. Kendra is a program manager at Microsoft on the .NET and Visual Studio team, where she focuses on the Visual Studio testing experience and productivity tools. She does videos on .NET, VS Code, and Docker and is a frequent conference presenter as well. In fact, we last met up at a recent DevIntersection conference where we were both presenting, and I invited her to share a favorite tip on the podcast. The nature of describing a visual tool in a podcast is challenging, so I have a link to a video in the show notes if you want to follow up afterward.

Welcome, Kendra!

Thanks, Kendra! I'll post a link to a video showing how to do this in the show notes for anyone that wants to see it.

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